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No, really, there are many new technologies just on the other side of the horizon that promise to change the way we think about, work with or play with technology. For example, memristor technology promises to replace flash memory storage. A vision since 1971, the switchable memristor (which is the combination of memory and resistor) was theorized to exist by Leon Chua. Now Hewlett Packard has created a working switchable titanium dioxide memristor that out-performs flash memory and is measured on the nanoscale. Storage devices made up of these tiny solid-state devices will be tiny, use very little electricity (therefore generate low temperatures) and will dramatically scale down any and all computerized devices, from smart phones to servers and everything inbetween! Read more about this and other exciting technologies on our blogs:


HTML 5 Promises to bring brand new tools to web developers everywhere thus offering new rich content and media to internet users. Currently Firefox 7, Opera 10, Google Chrome and Safari all offer some support for this exciting new version of HTML. The current version of IE, vs. 8, offers virtually no support for HTML 5, however, IE 9 (no release date yet but it is supposed to be soon) promises to implement this new version of HTML better than the other leading browsers according to their latest tests. If you would like to learn more about HTML 5 click here. If you would like to download a preview of IE 9 click here. To read more about HTML 5 please check out our blogs:

The Kindle has just released free kindle software that you can download and install on your PC, Laptop, netbook, tablet PC or iPad! Click on the ad to your right to get your copy.

Now Amazon's huge collection of eBooks are available to everyone. I think this shows how popular the iPad has become and what the future holds for multi-touch tablet PCs in general.

Slate PC

This new type of PC is being referred to as a "slate" PC and there are at least 9 models in various stages of development. The HP slate is probably the most interesting and closest to release (rumor has the release date set sometime in June, 2010). It's interesting because it will run Windows 7 which means that you can run your current apps on the device plus it.

HP Slatelarge
The as yet released HP Slate, the iPad's biggest contender.

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